Project engineering

We contribute value to your projects.

We help innovative companies to design tomorrow’s products and services, being involved in all project phases, including basic, detailed, manufacturing and value engineering for equipment, tooling, composites and process automation.

Composite mould – Engineering

1. Conceptual engineering/Basic engineering

Within the field of mechanical or electrical engineering, we design the product or service strategy and its detailed specifications, as well as establishing the financial assessment and profitability calculation criteria. If necessary, we manufacture the prototype or virtual model.

2. Detailed and manufacturing mechanical engineering:

Composite mould – Installation

We design and develop detailed and manufacturing engineering and test complex products. We take on responsibility for entire projects in four main service areas:

  • Product design and development
  • Welding, assembly and finishing tooling.
  • Machine development and/or retrofitting
  • Composite engineering

3. Electrical and automation engineering

Electrical cabinets

We design industrial automation systems for the steel industry, lines for the processing of sheets or paper and specialised machinery in general. We manufacture cabinets and integrate control, traceability and artificial vision systems.
We produce electrical diagrams (ePLAN), define the electrical components in each cabinet and program controllers for various market brands.

4. Calculation and simulation engineering – Digital Twin

Composite mould – FEM calculation

Pioneering company in the supply of numerical simulation services using finite element analysis (FEA/FEM), CFD analysis and other analytical methods. We have proven experience in structural analysis, fatigue life assessment, dynamic response, vibrations and resonance.

We offer the option to simulate components, equipment or production lines so that our customers can predict failures and improve quality and productivity without having to invest in a physical version.


5. Value engineering:

We carry out comprehensive value engineering projects that positively impact on both costs and delivery times, as well as the quality and safety of the end product, in order to meet our customers’ objectives in even the most complex projects. Value engineering entails:

  1. Identifying the main elements of a product, service or project.
  2. Analysing the functions of these elements.
  3. Developing alternative solutions to deliver these functions.
  4. Assessing alternative solutions.
  5. Assigning costs to the alternative solutions.
  6. Developing in greater detail the alternatives that have a higher probability of success.