Construction and heliports

Conceptual and constructive design, structural calculation, production engineering and construction management of heliports, domes, roofs and facade elements.

We offer technological solutions for architecture and construction:

  • Singular elements
  • Electric and hydraulic mechanisms
  • Ultralight structures and composite materials
  • Heliports
    • Study of Heliport Facilities and Infrastructures
    • Site feasibility analysis
    • Study of obstacles
    • Study of movement area and trajectories
    • Sizing of the track and auxiliary zones
    • Study of safety and fire prevention
    • Study of lighting and beaconing
    • Sound impact study
    • Operations Manual and Emergency Plan
    • Modification and expansion studies of existing heliports
    • Technical assistance in the design of facilities and infrastructures (aimed at architecture and civil engineering studies)
Helipuerto ultraligero en terraza de edificio residencial.
Ultralight helipad on the terrace of a residential building - Tbilisi - Georgia
Helipuerto Hospital Marie Lannelongue
Heliport Marie Lannelongue Hospital
Dome and Roofs in Composite Materials of the main building of Artxanda Tunnels
Helipuerto Hospital de Cruces
Heliport Hospital de Cruces - Bilbao
Elementos de fachada en Material Compuesto. Gran hotel Portugalete.
Facade elements in Composite Material - Grand hotel Portugalete
Lamas en fachada en Material Compuesto Estructural Translúcido del edificio principal en PARBIT - Palma de Mallorca (2)
Facade slats in Translucent Structural Composite Material of the main building of PARCBIT - Palma de Mallorca