We help industry to stand out, be pioneers and innovate.

Surrounded by strong strategic partners, PROTecnológica is always optimistic about its future action areas, improving and applying the latest technologies in:
  • Virtual reality and Artificial vision We work with the leading experts in the development of tools to improve operational performance in our customers’ production facilities, providing information and data within the operator’s field of vision, which makes it possible to:
    • Automate repetitive inspection tasks without contact.
    • Increase the effectiveness of quality controls.
    • Decrease times.
  • Collaborative robotics: We work on fine tuning solutions that can automate production lines, in relation to the handling, processing and welding of components. Designed to perform tedious, repetitive and tension-inducing tasks, the “cobots” improve the employees’ work environment by reducing their exposure to musculoskeletal disorders and potential hazards in the workplace. This in turn equates to fewer working days lost for the company and a decrease of up to 85% in staff downtime.
  • Additive manufacturing We work with the main CAD and CAE programs on the market, providing a very accurate vision of the needs when it comes to the development, calculation and manufacturing of a component through additive manufacturing. We advise and support our customers in their training to create metallic or polymeric physical items based on 3D digital models designed with CAD software.
  • Advanced simulation software At PROTecnológica we are committed to innovation by implementing more specific and advanced programs for industry.
    • Welding simulation software.
    • Software for multiphysics or fluid dynamic simulations, among others.
Artificial vision